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3D Models and Augmented Reality

Add WOW to your website!

At The Peer Group we specialise in creating gorgeous photo-realistic models for your website so that you can showcase your products on the web in 3D AND using Augmented Reality. We create, host and integrate, so you can have the latest in mobile and web technology that will WOW your customers and give you an edge on the competition. Augmented Reality can increase conversions by up to 35%!

Your products can be made into 3D!


We use the latest in web and mobile technology to create glorious models of pretty much any product you have and integrate them onto your website.


Your BIM models can be seen by anyone with a device!*

Have a presentation or public feedback session? Having a planners meeting? These cutting edge visualisation tools, with virtually no barrier to entry meaning your designs can be shared and viewed as simply as opening a web page. Cardboard dioramas are a thing of the past now.

* Requires devices with ARKit and ARCore capability

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What We Do

At The Peer Group we believe in putting your products on your websites in a way that you are proud of, that showcases them in all their glory and get's your customers close enough to inspect every vivid detail.

Model Creation

Secure Hosting


Data Cloud
Electronic Devices on Table

Perfect photorealistic models

Secure and scaleable hosting

Integrate onto your website

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"We used these BIM models on an iPad in a planning meeting and the planners were blown away by how easy it was to visualise the designs."

Catton Homes


The Peer Group uses the latest in mobile and web technology to bring amazing experiences to your clients, we currently focus on E-commerce and Architecture and you can see examples on this website. We are a new company with big ambitions to make the  2D web 3D!

We leverage the latest technology to make the future now! 


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